Ultimately, this is my forum to ramble on about pretty much anything!

As a blog, it is intended to provoke debate and wider thinking, but not instill hatred or anger. I welcome any serious contributions to my posts, but will not hesitate to remove any offensive or abusive posts, and block those people.

So Who am I? Who is James Hastings? I am today, many things. Primarily and most importantly I am a Dad and husband, and a proud one at that! When i am not changing nappies and play fighting with my boys, I would consider myself to be the aspiring author, and endeavor to spend as much time as possible working on my various literary creations.

Alongside that, and in partnership with my wife, I am Jim the property investor, looking to build an empire (albeit modest in size) that will substitute my need for a day job and provide a relatively passive income for my family.

And then there’s my day job, listed last but arguably the most significant part of my daily life and routines. While I enjoy my job, especially so when compared to my previous employments, I realise the folly of it: the repetative nature of hospitality industry that sees you endlessing re-doing things day to day, erasing the day’s events to make way for the next.

This has spawned my search for passive income streams – the idea that one amount of work can generate repeated income regardless of whether you keep working. I have hobbies too, dabbling in web design, blogging(!) computer construction and troubleshooting, astronomy, reading, and more than a passing interest in astrophysics – all the better for my writing!!

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